Sunday, June 22, 2014

A World Ruled By Successful Women?

 It wasn’t until recently that women began not only entering the working world, but were given the chance to climb the corporate ladder to higher places. After a history in a culture that believed that a woman’s place is in the home, women are now taking an active part in the modern two-income home. This change is coming about because of social advances and economic hardships. We are also living in a world where changes amongst businesses are more welcome.

Throughout the next decade we will probably see more and more women earning high positions in corporations. It isn’t likely that the number of these “high-powered” women will overcome the number of men with high-ranking jobs, but the number will hopefully be significant.

According to Financial Post, the amount of Senior/ Corporate Officer positions held by women have been steadily increasing. In 2002, companies around the world saw 14.0% of 500 positions  that were female-occupied. In 2012, the number reached18.1%.

Many people subconsciously believe that a woman’s priority is to find a marriage partner and start a family. People find themselves pitying a single woman over 30 whether they realize it or not. Women in higher corporate positions continue to be seen as women who are missing something in life. People also believe that this career is in retaliation to the traditional child-bearing roles.

The challenges that the high-powered women faces include balancing her family responsibilities with work and being taken seriously in her career. Some social analysts believe that more women in higher power will have a detrimental effect to society.

However, women in higher positions have been able to contribute more to the income of their family in a time where making ends meet is difficult even with two sources of income. Relationships have a greater chance of flourishing since there is less stress from both parties and women carry a sense of importance. In addition, women do not have to feel repressed. There can be less pressure on the man in the house when his partner is working to provide as well.

We live in a world where two-income families are essential to the economic stability of the family. In this sense, a working woman can greatly lower the levels of poverty in the country. There are many childcare services available to allow both parents to have a job.

However, a world where women are at the tops of all professions and men are stuck with entry-level positions or stay at home is not a good one. The corporate world is usually based on who you know and what your merits are (which usually lends to the aspect of meeting important people), it should function this way regardless of gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, etc.

There probably would not be a profound difference in the world if women were on top of everything. Simply switching out roles does not provoke desired change – open opportunities for all does.

---Stephanie H, Guest Contributor

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