Saturday, June 7, 2014

So You Think Your Facebook Fans + Twitter Followers Really Like Your Business?

Brands, wake up. Your fans like themselves first, peer and family validation second, maybe you third.

Are they disloyal friends? When things are good they cheer when things are bad they scatter like roaches. Think Sony, Blackberry, Polaroid, etc,  eventually Apple, Facebook, Twitter not Google

Can majority of people stay life-time loyalist? On going surveys and research are supporting facts that brand loyalty has been on the decline for many years and as a result of growing disloyalty, many brands launch loyalty programs which are meant to keep people committed.

The problem many businesses and marketers create is "discounts addicts" ---which eventually becomes a problem. Discount addicts always looking for a fix. Never becoming loyal for the right reason.

People are just smarter and know almost all the tricks. You can drop your price today or add new feature  however consumers  can: wait, buy used, use a substitute or just ignore you. 

Do you really care about me?
or are you just using me to fatten the pockets of the CEO  or exploiting cheap labor in some poor country?

I believe a soulless business  is nothing but a walking corpse
You can’t buy credible influences and you can't buy consumers loyalty?  Their friends and family, those are the people who have their best interest in mind. They  are not being paid for their opinion.

So as a business owner, you might like to understand why people are fans of your facebook page, twitter, linkedin, etc. The answer is likely first for selfish reason.

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