Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Race Against Disruption: What Industries Must Do?

I say, “surrender”.  Surrender fast. Technically we all might eventually surrender our lives to machines. We will talk our selves into technology utopia today---sit in our driverless cars, automated roads, robotic house keepers, embed technology, digital food, humanoid partners, sensors, virtual reality, zero privacy, algorithm designed social and business policies, and so on.  However the future belongs to the machines.

The point is change is coming and there are only three choices adapt faster, linger or die.  I’m sure many of you have come across  or have heard of disruptive business entities such as: Amazon, Napster, Netflix, SpaceX, Mozilla, Zipcar, Airbnb, etc.  So what has caught my attention recently is Uber, the $17 Billion value car-sharing service company.

In a recent article that was brought to my attention by Bloomberg writers: Amy Thomson, Cornelius Rahn, Kenneth Wong. Which claims, Uber is fighting its biggest protest from taxi drivers while threatening their livelihoods.

“Taxis drivers block highway outside Paris, near Roissy, on June 11, 2014,
as they take part in a demonstration to protest against mobile car-hailing
services such as Uber, which have shaken up the industry.

Uber Technologies Inc., the car-sharing service that’s rankling cabbies
across the U.S., is fighting its biggest protest from European drivers who
say the smartphone application threatens their livelihoods.” - Bloomberg News

“Disruptive technologies are often good for consumers and upstart firms, but not so good for entrenched companies who frequently fail to recognize the oncoming train.” - unknown

So the question to founders, entrepreneurs, ceos, managers, workers, unions, associations, etc. What are your  technology, disruptive business experiences, thoughts and how to stay in the game?

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