Monday, June 9, 2014

This World Cup, What’s Your Marketing Team & You Doing - (Football)?

Professional sports is so lucrative that I decided to write about it and off some insight. If you have been on Mars for the past few months, this is a reminder that the World Cup kicks off in Brazil June 12. And it’s going to be insane around the world.  People coming together to watch the beautiful game. So how do you plan to get a piece of the World Cup money pie, legally?

I will share with you some top secret tactics, insights and plans being prepared by the big corporation.  It might inspire you and your team.

  • Advertisers are going aggressive on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn
  • Maybe try using the 2nd popular social media sites for your brand
  • FIFA unable to monetize the online arena in the same way it has for broadcast
  • Football (soccer) growing popularity in the US
  • Be alert of the most talked about World Cup moments
  • Pilot program by social media companies that provide assess in real-time what video content is going to go viral during and after matches
  • Honing their real-time marketing strategies ahead of the World Cup
  • Plan more integrated content across multiple device
  • If you’re engaged with users’ search behaviors then you’re able to spot opportunities before others
  • There are more smart phone users around the world than 2010
  • Marketers be alert not to publish amid sensitive issues which if done will likely do damage to brand
  • There is always the danger of looking like you’re exploiting a moment
  • Sponsors have responsibilities and can only do certain things and behave in certain ways
  • If you stick to generic football and/or Brazilian themed creative, with no use of trade marks, copyright material, player images or names, the chances are you will avoid legal action
  • Growing content marketing by billions of engage fans also means Brazil’s World Cup will be very noisy online & offline
  • Incredibly difficult for brands to make themselves heard or even standout          
Thanks to Sebastian J, MWeek (Inspired by June 2 2014 World Cup Article)
"The marketers’ game plan to scoring big at the World Cup"


[World Cup Brazil will generate $4 billion in total revenue for FIFA, or 66% more than the previous tournament in South Africa in 2010. The vast majority of the money will come from the sale of television and marketing rights. The World Cup generates more revenue for its association than any other sports tournament, save the Olympics (based on revenue per-event-day, the NFL’s Super Bowl reigns supreme). FIFA’s profit for the Brazil World Cup: $2 billion.]---Mike O

[Almost all of the revenue FIFA generates comes from television rights ($1.7 billion) and marketing rights ($1.35 billion) from corporate partners like Adidas , Emirates, Sony , Visa V +0.37%, Hyundai and Coca-Cola . Blue chip companies love to throw money at the World Cup because it is followed passionately throughout most of the world.]

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