Sunday, June 8, 2014

To McDonald's CEO: Capitalism Needs A Soul & A Hug

“McDonald's CEO Don Thompson recently suggested his company would support a bill, proposed by President Barack Obama, raising the federal minimum wage to $10.10 an hour from $7.25. Such a wage hike likely wouldn't satisfy his workers, some of whom recently stormed the company's Oak Brook, Ill., headquarters demanding $15 an hour. But it would be a noticeable shift in attitude for the world's biggest restaurant chain, which has so far been neutral as the debate about higher wages has roiled around it.” ---Mark G

From my perspective it just seems like for  corporation to do the right thing they need to be pressured into it. Why didn’t McDonald just pay it’s restaurant workers a decent living wage a long time ago?  Be a leader.

This is the endless balancing act of capitalism. Maximize profit and reward the few at the expense of hard working workers. From another perspective, capitalism allows anyone to use their creativity and education to become more valuable in society and possibly get what they are worth. 

The reality is that modern capitalism is just not working for everyone.  That’s why Occupy Wall Street, the TEA Party have gained momentum. And growing young adults & middle class families around the world are disappointed in the system.

Capitalism has become an uncontrollable-soulless T-Rex, just devouring everything in sight.

Mr. Thompson made $9.5 million last year. Is he worth that much? I’m not sure. I’m sure he had taking multitude of steps to make himself more valuable to his employer.   Is he part of the problem or the solution, not really. 

We are all responsible for the uncontrollable-soulless T-Rex called Modern capitalism. I think we collectively need to figure out how to give the T-Rex  a soul & a hug.

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