Thursday, July 31, 2014

Content is Really Not King...Great Content is More Like a Lesbian Knight

A lesbian knight??? I’m curious to know where this is going as I write this. I’m no expert on lesbianism, might have observed the act of a woman seducing another woman several times.  Sure it’s  no different from man seducing a woman but a different tactic. My advise to start-ups, & F1000, great content must act like a lesbian knight not be king.

Kings are powerful, feared and sometimes lose connection to the people. In a crowed, competitive and content crazy world, easy seduction is the place to be. When content is like a lesbian knight, the possibilities for seducing your target is unlimited. .

So much content created and published online each day, like you, there’s no way to read it all. So how to expect your customers to read your library of content on every single platform? While demand for solutions to problems is growing I’m sure many of you have solved many problems using google. Do you know why those sources attracted you, engaged you, and converted you?

They seduced you without you knowing you were being seduced. Just like a lesbian knight does to a female friend.

Because lesbian are women they have much access and understanding of the woman's world better than a man, women can touch each other intimately-frequently with or without a hidden sexual motive, undress completely in front of each other, share secrets. For a lesbian knight she simply massages her subject gracefully while giving her subject an excuse to act on inner desires.

Content is really not king. In a competitive world seduction is key. Therefore your content must act like a lesbian knight.

Some common content marketing problems and tips:

  • Sometimes it’s your content marketing strategy
  • You don’t really understand how your target thinks and your chasing them with the wrong content or chasing the wrong audience
  • Sometimes it’s your content distribution system
  • Quality of your overall online content
  • Poor feedback analysis
  • Not making the content better or more compelling or more interesting
  • Not maximizing content
  • Not committing to a structure and routine
  • Not consider earned media channels and paid media channels
  • Not a writer, consider producing how-to videos, web-cast, take photos or audio file.
  • Not considering integration or outsource of social media marketing.
  • Problem with the combination of people, process and technology

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