Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Loneliness of Founder(s) Role & Life as Founder of a Founders Under 40™ Group

Welcome to the lone party.  Population? You.

 It’s not that you have no one to talk to or advice you. It’s simply that you are responsible for a lot of shit. You are the captain of the ship. You are the General in the war field. And if you are playing to win, walking away is not an option.

Everyday I ask myself if I would recommend founder role,  leadership or entrepreneurship to  anyone?
I quickly respond and not recommend it even if I was paid 10 Million dollars.

It’s not about risk of starting because most good founders try to minimize their risk. It’s more really about uncertainty and loneliness that might get to most.  It’s almost like playing poker in the dark.

When the Founders Under 40™ group first started, there was no discussion, purpose, community, collaboration and a lot of times I wasn’t sure what I would do with this God-Sent-Blessing. I tweak away alone for many months. I asked myself, how do I add value? How do I differentiate this from other organizations fighting for founders attention? How do I build something significant?

We aren’t sure and probably not 110% sure today. One thing that was true, We saw and still see the bigger picture, We believe in the bigger picture and knew a higher power would guide us on building this unbelievable community of founders which is approaching 20,000 members online.  Was it easy? --- Not really.

We manage to take nothing and help build something. Is it 100% perfect so far?---Absolutely not even 30%

My thoughts about loneliness:

Founder(s), CEO, Business owner, President are lonely roles. When it comes to founder(s) loneliness, it’s okay in the short term. Not recommended though, however as things become busy, you should consider establishing relationships with as many diverse trusted people, founders, business owners and experts that you can surround yourself with.

Fortunately for me I’m part of a unconventional global founders community. A support group that continues to provide inspiration for myself and many around the world. Below are some further tips to cope with loneliness.

Here are other ways to deal with founders loneliness:

  • Talking to someone about your problems is helpful. They don’t necessary need to have the ability to solve the problem but just them listening helps. Return the favor too.

  • Walkaway from it occasionally. Take a walk, go see a movie, play with your kids, make a rule that you will disconnect every Sunday from it all and then come back. You are welcome to share your founders pain, rant, stories, insight on
  • Exercise some how. Go to the gym,do  yoga, read a book, paint, sing, have sex, take walks, bike, eat a balance diet, manage your thoughts, eliminate or avoid most negativity in your life,  Be straight with people you work with and in your personal life. Create a healthy family work environment.  

Members of Founders Under 40™ Group are welcome to SKYPE       FU40 Group Team 24/7: “fu40group” just email us before.

Manny of FU40 Group

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