Sunday, August 3, 2014

Women Just Need To Find A Way to Grow Bigger

I’m very fortunate to be in the company of some talented diverse people. I’m surrounded by men and women that I truly like and respect. However engaging certain groups, always seems to trigger thoughts of me with“baby gloves”while handling a fragile package. Here’s the scenario, certain woman I work with, lets call her Jill, and certain guy, will call him Jack.

I know I can give both the same risky assignment however I know one would slightly be more courageous and less fearful of failure.  The guy seems to be excited about the upside and doesn’t let the downside discourage him. The woman , Jill, seems so cautions. That it seems requires more support.

I sort of get why women are the way they are when it comes to risk. In the caveman days, men hunt by sacrificing mind, body, soul, and obtaining knowledge & tools that will likely increase probability of catching dinner.

Physically & mentally men have become naturally built for such task involving high risk and high reward. While the women gathered, made their contribution, women never said, “let me risk it all, to hunt a mammoth”

She might have said, “Oh, those berries are safe to eat and wouldn’t attack me. I can continue to nurture my children and contribute to the community. Make sure I stay healthy and attractive.”  While a man always had the option or an easier decision to emotionally abandon wife and kids without guilt.

I’m sure you found that theory interesting however so many women still struggle with embracing risk. If you read stories of single mothers taking on unimaginable challenges while taking on the challenges of raising kids, taking care of herself, and running a successful business, you know this is proof that women do have the courage for risk. It’s in there behind fear.

In this competitive economy, avoiding risk can be its own gamble. A great tip is to encourage women to think what could go right more than what could go wrong.

How exactly, does someone become more of a risk taker?

  • Think bigger
  • Maybe consider mentors
  • Need to weigh short term risk against long term pay off
  • Learn from others
  • Build up your confidence by taking smaller significant risk

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