Friday, September 12, 2014

F@^%* VCs & the Media...There’s Nothing Wrong With Being A Solo-Founder

Iron Man - - -Just make sure you are not all alone on your dream journey. Everyone talks about the importance of having a co-founder --- Oh, you need a business mind and a tech mind, Steve Jobs & Steve Wozniak, Bill Gates and Paul Allen . You need this and that unless you will not get funding? Or If you can’t attract a co-founder then the venture must be bad? I say who gives a s%#^#, build your company, build your ideas on whatever you feel is best. Solo-founder or a team of founders in the early stages, it’s really up to you.

The world will tell you, you must have this for you to join accelerators like YCombinator, TechStar, or funded by Sequoia Capital or Google Ventures . Or you need to be this tall to play in the NBA. You need a PhD in this to be taking seriously? “Oh, only white male tech founders are more successful than others.” Or  “I never back women founders” or “You need a office in some prestige office tower to be taking seriously” If guys like Rockefeller, Carnegie, Ford, allowed others to tell them what was impossible without a college education, chances are they would have amounted to nobodies.

The world is full of risk averse-fearful-can’t think for themselves individuals. Most cases, just say s$#^* about things because of so many reasons. Some it’s what the media, peers tell them is the “norm”. Some say it because they never had the courage to pursue their dreams, some are being sincere, some from experience. At the end of the day it's up to you to go for it solo or not. You can spend hours praying that a great co-founder, vc, prospect, recruiter, talented employee, girl would suddenly notice you and join your venture or just do what you have to do.

"In my opinion, part of being a leader in business is being able to know when to stop following the crowd. And carry your own cross." - Manny, Group Manager of Founders Under 40 Group & Senior Partner of BJ Mannyst

The world is full of people who rather take chances when everything is safe, when all the stars are aligned, when its a money making concept. And that’s their choice. Just remember FORTUNE FAVORS THE BRAVE.- Manny, Group Manager of Founders Under 40™ Group & Senior Partner of BJ Mannyst (unconventional marketing service provider)
To my fellow Founders Under 40™ group members, founders and entrepreneurs, we are in great demand.  The world needs us more now than ever. if we don't create jobs, innovate, solve problems, change the world, who the f#^@& will.

Some Benefit of Solo-Founder (compiled by unknown author):

  1. “You’re the sole decision maker. You may not always be right, but you get to run the business your way without any intervention
  2. You can commit as much or as little time as you’d like. There’s no pressure from anyone else about how much you should be working
  3. You can build your business and then figure out what type of additional people you’d like to bring on, whether they’re employees, co-founders or advisors. You may organically meet co-founders as your business gains momentum and as you tell people about it”
  4. “This is doubtful, as a successful company and founder/co-founder relationship needs different skill-sets for complementary and balancing purposes.”
  5. “Personality: What’s your co-founder’s personality like? Could you imagine working with him/her everyday? Do you like to hang out together a lot? Think about your relationship as if it were a marriage. You should be certain you can stand to be around your co-founder all of the time.”  ---Compiled by unknown author.
  6. Also remember that there are some disadvantage to being a solo-founder

Some Additional Tip:

  1. Figure out what you're good at. Then, go find someone to help with the other.
  2. Find others to collaborate with. Doing this could improve your value proposition to clients
  3. Take 5 - 10 hours a week on nurturing your personal and professional relationships. Email and call people to see how they are doing. Have tea, coffee, or lunch once a week with someone. (This world works on quality relationships not just linkedin connections)
  4. Always be selling to the right-probable-qualified-target however know when it’s inappropriate to be selling your product or service
  5. Outsource and delegate anything that you can. Search keyword “outsource” in this blog and more advice will be provided.
  6. Step away from business and do something different
  7. Focus back on what's most important

 To add your own tips, comment.

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