Monday, March 2, 2015

Don’t Want to Sleep With Your Business...Just Want Your Content

(the reality of your content  & content marketing strategy from the eye of the typical internet user)

You have a business project that’s due by the end of the week. The first place you go to research your topic is the internet, specifically search engines like Google. You begin to bounce from website to website just grabbing whatever is relevant to you and your agenda. You grab because it’s relatively easy and most cases free. You might have little idea about the people behind the content. All you want to do is hit-and-run.

Sure some sites will throw ads at you, throw a gate on their content, maybe a well thought out landing pages, ask for your email address so they can send you a eBook. In the back of your head you are saying, “Hey Dude, I really don’t have any use for your products. I just stumble on your website which has  a cool picture of turtles mating.”

Now you’re a pigeon. Wondering around with no care where food is from as long as  it’s good and won’t kill you. You don’t care whether the publisher and distributor spent time and money to produce and present that content.

All you know is you’ve been taught to be entitled to free content, free ideas, free information, free insight...and you hope it stays that way. How a publisher, company recoups the cost of making that content available is their responsibility and f#$%@^ problem.

Everyone and every business uses some form of content marketing today and we are flooded with content. We are sh#%^@#   content. Content in our mailboxes, email boxes, voice mail,

All because a business simply wants a prospects attention and wants that prospect to become a customer, which then allows them to pay workers, pay taxes, and then build roads that help get your kids to school. 

And your response, “Hey, shut up and give me free quality content”

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