Monday, April 20, 2015

Be Thoughtful What Messages, Marketing, Influence & Society Uses To Mind F%#^ You

When was the last time you thought for yourself? When was the last time you went against the crowd--- went against conformity, even if you knew you will be shunned? When was the last time you read something in the papers and said, “let me try to see it from another perspective” or "Let me find out what info they left out"  or “Okay, so you see it different from me then how can we learn to live together positively”. The battle for the mind is about to get fiercer. Be prepared.

There’s an ounce of pain behind this message however it’s what I believe is one of the things that will shake marketing and society in 2020, and beyond. (See Our Upcoming eBook for further detail, due before end of April 2015, shares information about complexity and simplicity in our life and businesses). It will likely make businesses and nations operate with a more in-your-face relationship or become more very intimate...

What is fueling this? Is the growing empowerment and awakening of the people - - -    -freed from the matrix. And a growing population of distracted and overwhelmed lives

Everyday I and many of you wake-up to a world of made-up-ideology. Ideas and processes we follow and obey like an ant colony. There are ideas and standard thoughts one must possess from childhood to adulthood.

The battle for our minds never stops, one group tries to pull you to their tribe and the other tells you the other tribe are devil worshipers. When all you want to do is find meaning while ensuring we get along.

There are things always trying to force us to think this way not that way. They tell men desire macho vehicles like Trucks or masculine looking cars. And there must be something wrong with a man if he doesn’t conform to that profile. If you don’t buy the latest “call-of-duty” you will be an outcast. If you are not carrying the latest Chanel bag you are a b#%&#.

Marketers, Influencers, and society for a long time have mind f^$&# and exploited everyone for many years.
The future of marketing, communication, imaging, claims, psychology, relationship, advertisement is one where people will build greater and greater resistance to corporation, and institution messages like how a super-bug learns to resist antibiotic.

I personally call, “Mind F%$^ Resistance” a.k.a “Bull-Shit Guard”

The more people begin to see the social prisms that distorts and manipulates, they will turn to themselves, neutral individuals to make up their own minds.I am personally sick of it.It's  an endness  war in my head and I,m shutting out the noise.

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