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30 + Ideas For Your Inbound Marketing Initiative

The great thing about the world that small and medium businesses, startups and professional service providers are operating in, is that that there are plenty of content ideas available to all. Business content for different levels of comprehension and content in different forms. The reality though is that many of yours, mine, and others content will be competing fiercely with billions of global content.

Anyway, if you believe content and inbound marketing is part of your tactic to get attention and generate leads then definitely checkout the tips below and if BJ Mannyst marketing service team & Founders Under 40™ Group can be of further help, visit us and contact us.. And remember, you are competing with billions for attention.

Most of the tips are shared from HubSpot’s “100 Inbound Marketing Content Ideas eBook”. We felt it was good enough to share with SMB’s and founders communities around the world. Instead of us writing our own entire tips.

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***HubSpot was not involved in this post and it’s not being endorsed by us or our partners.



Show a step-by-step guide on how to do something in a screencast, how-to video, or show the steps in a series of photos

Write a how-to article. Give instructions with screenshots or photos on the steps someone needs to take to do something.

Share a list of some things to avoid.

Relate your how-to content to a current event or a [something popular or controversial]

Point out common mistakes in your industry and offer solutions on how to fix or avoid them.

Offer a list of benefits for doing something.

Take the opposite, weird, bold, satire or fun position on something.

Find someone else’s article that you agree or disagree with. Introduce your blog post with what you specifically agree or disagree with it, and support your argument with a few concise points.

Do a weekly or daily links-roundup of relevant news for your community.

Find tips in other content, create a list of those tips and give links to those articles as the sources.

Share an excerpt from an upcoming webinar with a call to action to get the rest of the content in the webinar.

Share your slides from a recent presentation or events

Share conference takeaways [from your own or you.teams perspective]

Do a round-up of last year’s/last month’s/last week’s most popular posts.

Re-interpret existing content: Collect the top motivational YouTube videos for your audience, top eBooks, top webinars or infographics [and just analyze it or critic it]

Respond to industry research with your own perspective. Offer a fresh angle to spark conversation.

Do a survey with [online survery tool or incorporate google forms] among your community members / clients / prospects and create an infographic based on the results.

Do a poll of your community and post the results on your blog [social media pages].
Do an in-depth case study about one company, or offer a few examples of how other companies do something successfully

Record an interview with an expert in your field and post it to your blog.

Get experts to offer a tip and do a round-up of their recommendations.

Feature guest posts from industry experts.

Publish responses to frequently asked questions about your industry.

Create a list of trends to watch.

Compare and contrast: Different products, different approaches, different companies, different people, different places, etc.

Do a review of other non-competitive products or services that your community cares about.

Be [like] a journalist: Be the first in your space to offer industry takeaways about breaking news.

Explain what a current event or topic in the news means for your industry or community.

Interview your favorite customer

Run a contest and give away something relevant to your community [client / prospects].

Ask for guest posts from community members.

If you have company news to share, talk about it in a way that makes it about the reader.

Publish a post relevant to the current season or holiday.

Outline the top practical use cases for your product, service etc

Have a blog post answering FAQ’s that you can refer to. Link to it regularly

Thank people who comment on and share your blog posts.

Thank people who share your webinars, [post, video, tweets, pictures} and ebooks

Write as you would write in regular conversation. Use emoticons and exclamation points. Write in first-person. (Example: “I’m sorry.” “We’re excited.”) It shows that an actual human is behind the [content].

Post Tweets of your blog posts. Use a variety of headlines and test what drives the most click-throughs.

Schedule Tweets of blog posts on the weekends, as people read on the weekends too. Also post Tweets of blog posts at night, as this targets people in other time zones.

If your blog post is a list of tips, offer one tip with a link to the post as a “teaser.”

If you feature tools or other companies in your blog posts, cc them on the Tweets to let them know so they retweet your content.

If you’re creating evergreen content on your blog, don’t be afraid to schedule Tweets of old blog posts. A few months later, they are still valuable to your audience and they may have missed it the first time.

Let your Twitter followers know about a great contest or discussion happening on your Facebook page or LinkedIn group and invite them to be a part of it. Don’t beg for likes and members, though. (It’s annoying.)

Share your email newsletter on Twitter. Invite people to sign up for your newsletter by sharing a link to the landing page where they can sign up

Participate in relevant Twitter chats related to your community.

Don’t cross-post your content to Facebook and LinkedIn – they are different platforms. Treat them individually.

If you’re working on a blog post, ask your community members for help. Reach out to them and ask for their tips. It shows that there’s a person behind the Twitter account.

Use pictures. Show what you’re working on. Offer a behind-the-scenes looks. Take a picture at a conference or event

Ask your followers a question or for their opinion on a relevant topic.

Have a guest host. Have a celebrity, influencer or company executive take over your Facebook page for an hour or a day to interact directly with community members and answer their questions.

Ask for your community’s opinion Talk about a question that was asked somewhere else (blog, Twitter, etc) and pose that to your Facebook audience.

Ask for your community’s ideas – Ask them what they would like to see in your next blog post, ebook, webinar, advertisement, event etc.

Share links to your blog posts on your wall, and use the status area to pull out one key fact, statistic or tip from the post as “teaser.”

Share a link to your weekly or monthly newsletter.

Share information about your company: news coverage, job openings, promotions and milestones. Use numbers, as those stand out to people.

Share pictures from a local meetup, in action on Facebook and offer your fans a “behind the scenes” glimpse.

Post a mystery photo – Have people guess who the mystery person, what the secret object, or

Host a caption contest – Get people photo. event or conference.

Did you interview an industry expert for your blog? Post pictures of the interview

You’re going to give away plenty of information for free with your blog content and through the social channels you share it on. You want to optimize that content with calls-to-action so you get something in return: prospects converting to leads.

Blog as often as you can while keeping the content valuable for your prospects.

With so much information available to us all the time, it’s the brands that create an experience through storytelling that ultimately win with consumers.

Frequent blog posts on your specialty will enhance your reputation and make you a recognized expert in your fild. Not only will customers and clients be impressed, you’ll likely see your blog cited by other bloggers. Even traditional news reporters will be calling you.

Free gift, don’t forget also to pickup this awesome new eBook by the Founder of Founders Under 40™ Group + Key Associate of BJ MANNYST called, “The Art of Simple-Sustainable Marketing In 2015, 2020, & Beyond” Part 1 & 2,

***HubSpot was not involved in this post and it’s not being endorsed by us or our partners. Thanks to Hubspot for their ebook.

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