Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Not Seeing Significant ROI from Your Social Media Efforts?

 Don’t worry you are not alone.

[ Small businesses remain so-so about social media, and recent research suggests issues with return on investment (ROI) are one factor limiting small businesses’ usage of such platforms. In a January 2015 study by Social Media Examiner, just over four in 10 small and medium-sized business (SMB) marketers worldwide said they were able to measure the ROI of their social media activities.

  April 2015 polling by Manta found that nearly six in 10 US small-business owners (SBOs) still weren’t seeing ROI from social media activities. And even those who did weren’t rolling in the dough. Respondents were most likely to see a return of less than $100 per month from social. Just 13.5% generated monthly social ROI of more than $1,000.] ---Source: emarketer Author: Unknown

The reality is that social & digital marketing requires dedicated-ongoing time, expertise, logic, creative, agility, focus, strategy...and what I just mentioned is just the price to play.

You still need timing, automation, psychology, restraint, fast-learning, fast un-learning, curiosity, marketing fundamental, sales fundamentals, coding fundamentals, media fundamentals, branding fundamentals, superb customer service, integrity, human behaviorism understanding, editorial, content distribution, stress management, collaboration, real-time marketing, community management, cultural IQ, competitive advantage, internal and external support, etc

Plus I’ve always remind myself, the BJ Mannyst team and others, we are all competing against other service provider in the world and they also want a piece of the pie. They will find ways to match you, imitate, out innovate you,.out gun you, etc

Some of the best ways to stay in the game of social media marketing and get better ROI from social media is to make sure you keep building up your internal expertise and your external alliances if you have the resources.

If you have limited resources find experts who might not have tonnes of experience or industry establishment.. Also finding a startup or SMB service provider with expertise can help you get better returns on social media and digital marketing. Just take the time to see their some of their work.

Note: Social media & marketing requires frequent attention and frequent monitoring and frequent adjustment. And also remember people define success in social media differently.

[In a January 2015 study by Thrive Analytics, 40% of US SMBs cited not having enough time as a challenge to digital marketing, 37% pointed to a lack of knowledge, and 33% said their budgets simply weren’t big enough.]

If you are having challenges with your service business marketing or need an extra hand visit us & contact BJ Mannyst for further tips and services.

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