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How Your B2B Marketing, Founders, Management Team Can Practice Aggressive Proactive Awareness™ System

We need to stay educated, stay up to date in a fast world and be able to digest organized & disorganize information  faster using systems like. APAS. It could help companies  like yours stay competitive. by Manny & BJ Mannyst Team. Below are insights on APAS practice.

Part of being a team member of a b2b service organization like financial services, professional services, or business services, is that you sometimes just go through the motions. Never challenging the norm. You show up at the office; we had a meeting, entertained clients, bunch of stuff came out of the meeting, we took some action, we answered some emails, we boosted revenue, and we go home knowing that everything is okay. And you and many others do it again the next day...trying desperately not to rock the boat.


That’s what experts might identify as a possible complacency business environment. As long as things are good why shrive to improve it? Let me clearly tell you, that you can never allow comfort and complacency to blind you from the realities of the world, from the changing realities of your local environment because you might end up as dead meat.

The example that comes to mind is Uber and the Taxi/Cab companies. Before even Uber, the organization that turns ordinary citizens into basically taxi drivers, the taxi companies could have started to think, prepare, act on disrupting themselves. They could have ask themselves: “if we were to improve our services or business model in the digital age, how would we?”

Another example is Southwest Airlines. SWA came in when the incumbent airlines were not catering to smaller markets and were selling terrible-expensive airline services.

The reality today is that Dinosaurs got comfortable. Got complacent. Didn’t stay hungry.


In today's world you have to breath and live your discipline 24/7 for you to stay on top of your game. You, your team, and entire employees have to know your SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) & PEST (Political, Economic, Social, Technology) & 4Cs (Customer Targets, Competitive Targets, Cost & Channels, Competitive Advantage) & 8Ps (Product, Place, Process, Productivity, Promotions, Price, Physical Evidence, Personnel) & Your own/industry/competitors’ past, present efforts in real time, 24/7.

So I and the BJ Mannyst Team came up with ways b2b marketers, founders and management, professionals, individuals can practice what we call, Aggressive Proactive Awareness™ System or APAS.

I define Aggressive Proactive Awareness™ System or what I call, APAS as the ability to accurately educate oneself of the micro & macro environment of the past, present, and the future in real time on a 24/7 basis.


You, your team, and employees have to know your SWO T & PEST& 4Cs & 8Ps of the past, present, and the future in real time 24/7. There’s so much uncertainty, unpredictability in our world that we can’t seem to catch our breaths. Someone is always coming for your piece of the pie. An APAS can help.

You don’t have to do it 24/7. Just pick a time in the week to binge on anything relating to your SWOT & PEST & 4Cs & 8Ps for service businesses. Get an APP or Aggregate content software or Google Alert to compile research from multiple sources and perspective or Develop an internal organization community platform to discuss and share with all employees. The mentioned methods are the inexpensive ways however we might develop a concept APAS platform.

Other ways to do a APAS, find ordinary outsiders, experts or frustrated internal industry individuals to take a look at your business and imagine a better way, ask tough questions, and dissect everything. I & the BJ Mannyst Team love doing this.

An APAS can help you avoid getting into businesses or professions you can’t be in the top 10% in a category. It’s hard to dedicate your time on a APAS when your heart is not in your business. If you can’t find joy, passion in your organizations purpose find a way to get out. You can’t beat Serena Williams if you don’t love playing competitive tennis.

Deploying a APAS in sales and marketing can help you spot shortfalls in your capabilities, your planning, your reasoning, your ongoing refining, when the competition acknowledges or reacts.

There will be times when you know something needs to be fixed however if you have no clue what’s wrong in the first place it’s impossible to fix. An APAS can possibly spot problems that you can’t see yet quicker.

An APAS (Aggressive Proactive Awareness™ System) can help SMB or F500 spot capability gaps sooner by being on top of their SWOT & PEST & 4Cs & 8Ps daily.  If you don’t have the time to deploy a APAS, I and BJ Mannyst team could be of service. The inexpensive way, is simply aggressively digesting tonnes of material including: social media, face-to-face, research, data, analysis, influencers, thought leaders, celebrity, front-line staff, opinions, news, SWOT & PEST & 4Cs & 8Ps daily in real time or a.k.a Quantitative and Qualitative material in short periods so you can address issues faster and plan better.

The difficulties in future Companies like your startup, SMB, or F500 is whether everyone can move as one, as a unit fast enough. Like a single organism with room for evolution. Everyone knows not only their objectives, motives, their discipline but know everyone elses’ priorities. An APAS or Aggressive Proactive Awareness™ System community/CMS that continues to educate, train, engage, and inform people on a daily basis would be very helpful.

To adopt an APAS you need leaders to appreciate it. It requires the right people and leaders. Critical to get the wrong leaders out, who can’t handle an hyper competitive-changing world, or never let them build, uphold, and modify the culture. Cultures that are customer-focused, evaluate short & long term actions, creative, confident, flexible, and fast moving seem to be coping very well in a fast-changing world. And are constantly in-tuned with their changing environment. P&G, IBM, Amazon, Pepsi, Google, etc are some examples

With an APAS initiate / systems you and your team can collaborate and catch duplication of activities, action, waste, problems or past efforts (so not to repeat mistakes). I personally envision an APAS platform as a repository of past, present, future of SWOT, 8Ps, 4Cs, PEST, quantitative and qualitative material is accessed daily by everyone inside the organization. We are open to maybe working with others to create an open crowd-sourced APAS platform.

APAS initiative will shift your organization from an activity-based organism to outcome-based organism. No more looking good without delivering business results.

APAS will help everyone understand your business through the eyes of the stakeholders, to understand how the business makes money to pay the bills, and manages cost.

Deploying a APAS forces people to keep getting better, keep unlearning, keep learning, keep experimenting,

An APAS initiative can help you stop or prevent you from sounding like your competitor or looking like them.

An APAS or what we might eventually develop with partners also known as a Aggressive Proactive Awareness™ System catch reputation, capabilities, and perception challenges.

APAS can make sure you and your organization name your brands strategicly or avoid confusion.

Failing-fast practice in some organizations could benefit from an APAS initiative because it will provide huge amount of past, and present efforts by internal teams and external sources so that similar mistakes are avoided.

***I personally believe an APAS, Aggressive Proactive Awareness™ System , would be an invaluable initiative / platform to marketers, historians, journalist, financial advisers, founders, entrepreneurs, venture capitalist, students and basically anyone who needs access to tonnes of historical and real time relevant data on SWOT, 8Ps, 4Cs, PEST, Macro, Micro on different categories such as: toothpaste, home insurance, industries, electronics, APPs, planes, car brands, home repairs, food brands, beverage brands, service brands, personal branding etc.

We are open to further discussions with anyone and I think a company with tonnes of data like Wal-Mart, P&G, IBM, Amazon, Banks, Credit Card companies, and SMB could use APAS.

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