Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Founders Under 40™ Group Shares: Traits Startup Founders are Seeking

There are plenty of startups looking for team members. If you plan to bring your connection ability, developer skills, your business development skills or any other discipline, make sure you are good at it and are very determined to get better. The following list would even prepare you.

1. Passion and motivation

"Number one: Believe in the startup and its mission! You must be prepared to hit the ground running and learn as you go. Take direction and guidance and make it your own." —N K

2. Curiosity

"We look for 'curious hustlers' to join our growing team — people who are hungry for new ways to innovate and learn, but will always execute." —S N

3. Speed, attitude and expertise

"When we hire startup talent at _______ we look for three things: Speed, attitude and expertise. We can always teach people to become experts and to efficiently get things done. The hardest part of our hiring process is finding people with the attitude, passion and endurance to build great products and deliver delight to customers day in and day out.” —N N

4. Audacity

"We strive to hire people smarter and edgier than us. To do that, we look for proven risk-takers amped up to experiment and have their feet held to the fire. Leaders aren’t just born; they’re made. And ________  will only make it with a team of leaders." —R B

5. Hunger and willingness to sacrifice

"Really interesting candidates crave more responsibility and are willing to drop whatever they’re doing to learn something new. Also, he or she has to be okay with taking Megabuses — we’re still bootstrapping." —L A

6. Sense of humor and cultural fit

"Skills are a given, so we hire for culture first and foremost. People we bring onboard need to not only think my bad jokes are funny, but also be able to tell a joke that’s worse than mine. Do that and you’re part of the team." —K D

7. Impact

"We look for fun, passionate and ambitious individuals who are looking to make an impact in students’ lives." —R C

8. Flexibility

"I look for people who have a wide variety of skills, since you have to wear multiple hats in the dynamic startup environment." —A K

9. Fearlessness

"The best employees are independent and don’t need constant monitoring, but also aren’t afraid to ask questions, be humble and admit when mistakes have been made. In our line of business, as is the case with most startups, failures are inevitable and success is largely determined by how well you can cope with them." —T K

If you’re searching for a new opportunity, certainly don’t eliminate joining a startup as a viable option. However, make sure you have the above qualities to ensure your path to the startup world is a success.

****The above list was originally written by a different author.

FU40 Group team would add:

Seriously, Startup are not all about kissing roses, drinking red wine, shacking your ass and playing table tennis 24/7. It’s a world of hardwork, team work, living with uncertainty, instability, life & death moments, and  pursuing a larger than life initiative.

A message that we often share with founders and entrepreneurs. If you are going to fail or succeed in something, make sure it’s a big opportunity.

The quality of who you attract can reveal a lot about you or your organization.

Don’t go looking for just a job or get rich quick scheme.. Look for an opportunity to add value and grow financially and personally.

Be proactive. Don’t sit around waiting for things to happen. Make things happen.


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