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How To Finish Your Fourth Quarter Stronger - Great Tips

Flirt with content, foreplay with sexy words, then use lead nurturing, more flirting, more followup, events, tweets, likes, connect, persistence, assertiveness, and you finally will score. Once you score, you’ve got to keep them happy so they keep doing business with you. Sure you wouldn’t promise heaven but you promise together you will rock the boardroom. Follow: Manny (@thebestmannyo) + Mark King (@marketingkingsm).

Seriously, the final quarter of 2015 is just around the corner and would you not like to finish it stronger than last year, with more satisfied customers and more money in the bank?

So we and the BJ Mannyst team ( + Founders Under 40 Group Team came up with some inspiration to get you prepped to take on a very important time. For $314US pick up a complete DIY kit + a quick chat with our marketing experts.Check out “bonus page” via for detail. Skype: amhiredaidto

If you need further general service business inspiration and insights check us out on twitter, @fu40group, @thebestmannyo, @marketingkingsm


First thing, bring the team leaders of most of your departments or bring your marketing partners, social media expert, sales partners, your customer service partner, shipping & handling, HR, your IT guy, etc everyone that will be critical to finishing this year stronger. You might like to call the meeting on “How do we rock 4th quarter”

A thing you'd like to do is evaluate your past initiatives. What worked and  what did not work?

Make sure to go through in some detail what went wrong. Another critical thing people and business owners get caught up with is self diagnosis or reading into too much content. Sometimes it’s best to get the opinion of a third party who has no invested interest in your business. All the tips we've posted and shared will help but for it to help you specifically you need someone to assess your own situation.


Sometimes our short term objectives distorts our long term vision. One thing about the game of life and the game of business, is's a lot better to work from a set of universal fundamentals to remind you what you want the world to know you stood for. If you fail to respect people because of their skin color, religion or gender or sexual orientation you could be hurting future opportunity.

The truth, without a core principle you will basically allow fads, trends, popularity, chaos to dictate your business.

Now is a great time to assess what your prospects, targets, customers want from you.
Ask yourself, how can you work a mile in their shoes so you can better understand the daily challenges and struggle.

How does your best customers really feel about you. Are they considering other service providers? What offers or added value are you hoping to provide?

Don't forget to set SMART goals “specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timely”   Consider setting how much in revenue, sales, profit, or satisfied customers you want this last 4th quarter and figure what resources you will need to able to accomplish that.

Set out what would be expected by everyone on your team.


If you haven't identified your direct, indirect competition, and identified all the other attention seekers, then you might want to do that now.

Try to be aware of the competitions activities however remember to focus on your well designed game plan.

Are your competition adopting new technology, partnering, buying media space, making exclusive deals, reaching out to top influence, etc
Should your team consider the social-economic atmosphere of your region? Are there any modification to regulations, internal policies, instabilities, weather related issues like water shortage, etc.


To have a product or service that demonstrates a market need is really very critical for a  business. And making you continue to stay on top of your game because the service industry is very competitive. For example, take a look at what your local coffee shops do. The winners are the ones who don’t get too comfortable. They continue to find ways to improve their operation.

We at BJ Mannyst don't claim to have all the answers on service marketing or on service business operations however we continue to demonstrate our advantages and our unconventional ways.

So take some time to clearly define what industry you are in, what service you provide, what makes yours so special and announce how well your services performing or solving people’s problems.

Have you considered modifying your services? Have you considered tweaking your service to cater to new markets?

Are your service value not keeping up with the market? For example, can a prospect get a quote from an app instead of emailing or calling a person.


If there were a time to fine-tune every aspect of your lead generating machine and closing systems, now is the time.

Prep and fine-tune your messages, promotions, images, PR, blog post, tweets, influences. There are tools that can help you with this however we believe it's better someone like a marketing, sales, or management adviser assist you because modern sales & marketing requires more time, money, effort to get it right.

Build up your twitter followers, increase connection with old friends, prospects and clients on LinkedIn or Facebook, generate more quality business contacts from events, dig up all business cards, etc

Clean your email list by getting rid of bounced email, and reaching out to non-responsive email with an offer they can’t refuse and if they do not take it, then shift them to a lesser frequency emailing list.

Do everything you can to prepare your business image, bring on-board the right leaders, right staff, make sure your website is updated and optimized, processes are simple, 

Remember every sales & marketing effort begin from the consumers first not from within your organization.

Know what challenges your target is faced with, what other indirect obstacles are in his/ her way.

Have a variety of case studies and testimonials to help close more deals.
Out of sight out of mind. We all use to maintain relationship in a more, pick-up-the-phone and call way, now everything is done with sms, email, skype,. The point is you have to make sure your CRM software is helping you stay top of mind. So keep engaging diverse people, customers & prospects, with personalized messages. .Oh, voice mail seems to dead too.

With the right data, crm, email marketing, analytic, marketing plan, content marketing you can better segment your contacts so it produces better results.

Do you know your customers purchase journey and after sale journey? In the past decision funnel use to be in a straight line now it's like the shape of an 8.

We are living a more measurement business world. You need to measure and assess your efforts regularly. If you sent out an email marketing promotion, how many inquired about it and how many bought from you?

Every contact point customers make contact, it’s now more important to staff with professionals or well trained individuals.

Your current website has a responsive feature. which means it can adapt to fit any devices screen without compromising user experience.
Develop a promotional, content, adword, pr, recruitment, influence, guest post, blog post, social media calender. And figure out how you will test and experiment within your efforts.
Don't forget to occasionally monitor social media, news, community newspapers, etc
Prepare tools to guide everyone on how they should conduct themselves while representing the company.
Sharing of content is very important measurement or validation of your contents value so make it easy for anyone to share your content by having social sharing icons on your sites.


Be financially thoughtful and aware.

Do you have enough resources to execute some or all of your plans?

Could you reach out to outsiders to assist you?

Could you outsource some things?

Are there signs that your key staff are going to be unavailable?

Are your staff provided the best tools to accomplish their jobs?

Are we ready for an increase in workload or activities?

Are there mechanisms in place to secure and backup your customers information?

Are you using credible third party software vendors, or other reputable service providers?


The BJ Mannyst team, Founders Under 40 Group team have prepared some great tools for you to perform better today and into the future. One source is our founder’s blog,,   a second source Founders Under 40 Group community, a recent partnership with  Mark King who shares top insights on service marketing, service businesses from around the world, and many more invaluable tips.

The Full DIY Kit is available through via Bonus Page and by request. It comes with more step by step guide and a quick chat with a marketing expert so you and your team can get the best start. ***Payment is required.

Have a great fourth quarter! P.S. Also checkout our other business offers.

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