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Is It Time Your Service Business Considered a Strategic Change? -Sponsored By BJ Mannyst

Your answer might be no or yes. And others on your team might think maybe. With the pace of change in the world from environmental, to economy, to demographic, to regulations, seems we are all heading to a world where changing your tactics and strategy are about to become more like your car’s regular oil change. Business is a lot like a car, It can be very stressful sometimes the amount of things you have to maintain. It has more parts than a imported General Motors China-made Buick Envision..HaHa! (means nothing)   Seriously, It’s going to be “BIG PICTURE & 24/7 PIVOT”

So why do I think strategic changes would occur more often with more frequency? Almost every business leader in its industry, operating in 2015, is unsure of the future. They might not admit it but you sure can tell everyone is fighting to stay relevant. Google is happy with its Cash-Cow called, I believe, AdWords however they need to look into the next big thing. Amazon thinks selling just books online is so “2000”. Amazon now just wants to be like the operating system to your life while kicking Wal-Mart at its game. FinTech startups are disrupting traditional financial services companies. 3D Printing is gradually disrupting how manufacturers source supplies.

Microsoft is fighting to keep Windows, Office, Bing, Edge Browse and all their software alive in a world of good-enough-desktop and mobile alternatives .There was a time when having Windows Office word processor was a life and death situation. Now Google docs, sheet, slide is doing a great job. Firefox and Chrome manage to take a bite of Explorer.

AOL Mail, HotMail, Yahoo Mail were once the must have email provider now Gmail has leaped 100 times and no sign the others hope to catch up. My point is innovation and change keeps coming faster.

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So what do I & the BJ Mannyst team suggest to all the small medium business service providers and professionals, just wanting to hang on to their cash-cow businesses? And maybe possibly consider strategic change.

  • You and your team need to be, what I & the BJ Mannyst team call, proactively- playing- the- bad- pessimistic- paranoid- guy/girl or “PPB PPG”. It is simply occasionally taking the worst, negative perspective on everything in your business operation. And start making changes or improving before anything terrible occurs. .
  • If you decide to make changes, do not take it lightly. Empower others in your staff to make some of the changes. However change is easily said however execution is hard sweat.
  • Innovate yourself towards the next cashcow. New markets, equipment, education, process, marketing, technology, celebrity, re-positioning, bigger square foot stores, smaller stores, naked service staff, LGBT, boomers, space, drones, deep sea, bio hacking, health care, weapons, real estate agent of mars, brain marketing, buy competitors, merge, acquire, etc.

  • Your future competitor could be anyone. Ask General Motors if they saw Elon Musk’s Tesla electric car coming? The answer is no. No one saw it. Now Apple & Google are entering the self-driving electric car business. Amazon’s Jeff knows there could be a better thing like Amazon tomorrow but he knows he better be the one to build it.

  • Possibly start a division or a business that’s suppose to compete in the same industry but has full autonomy or buy a stake in a promising startup because bold change most often comes from the outside. Think like NetFlix, from DVD rental to video streaming, to content production.

  • Knowing if you should loosing some control and responsibility, to outsource or not to outsource, to go it alone or to collaborate? That’s the million dollar questions.

  • If your heart is no longer in it, find someone else with the heart to run it. If your culture stinks of boredom, not aspiring, not improving, not training, not nurturing, not collaborative, not challenging,

  • When communication isn’t very clear or productive. That will likely drag progress down. It’s hard to achieve goals with your life partner if you both can’t understand each other, can’t disagree-then-come to a conclusion. When measures, objectives, priorities are not #1.,
  • When you don’t have internal & outside advisers and support to keep you on your toes.

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