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Please Sir, ...“I Want Some More & More Quality Leads” + Two Free 5 Star eBook Part 1

For financial services professionals, business service providers, professionals who need to understand the new ways of winning and keeping business. Some of you might be very knowledgeable of the insights we present below. However, we are also aware that while running around trying to do, sometimes one has to take time to check whether you are going about it the right way. (eBook links below.)

The reality today is: when it seems like everyone does what you do, uses the same tools, chases the same targets, talks like you, acts like you, smells like you, play follow the leader, sir might not be as worthy.

We are going to provide the simplest tips to help generate more business, marketing, coping and quick insights which can help you stay competitive or leap.

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A couple of weeks ago we introduced the APAS (Agressive Proactive Awareness™ System) initiative which we define as, the ability to accurately educate oneself of the micro & macro environment of the past, present, and the future in real time on a 24/7 basis.

What an APAS practice would do is create a repository of past, present, future of SWOT, 8Ps, 4Cs, PESTEL, quantitative and qualitative material which is digested by internal teams or your clients on a daily or weekly basis. It will basically help you better respond to changes or capitalize on opportunities.

The official visual of the APAS.practice process which you can run inexpensively yourself will be added soon or upon request. And if you need the APAS initiative done for you, BJ MANNYST can assist.


The Reality Today Is Knowledge Is Still Very Helpful

  • Knowing your customers, knowing how they are different, knowing how they think, how the persona in your target groups engage, what stage of life they are at, their motives, their lifestyle, their non-business activities, etc.

  • Being able to take all that knowledge, without the creep factor, to present a clear proposition that caters to a particular target.

  • Knowing that every segment within your target have different variation of needs, motives, drives, triggers, etc  for example, at different times, places, around the opposite sex, around elders, around a less authoritative manager, around power or wealth, certain words, etc. .  A.k.a behaviors

  • Knowing how to integrate your important tools, software with multiple devices is crucial. The cloud sounds like a good place to start. There are so many tools, apps that are great at one thing however when you want them to do something else, that feature is not on it. 

  • Selecting the right tools and partners is very important as well. Your application or CRM system better be a top notch CRM. In todays sales, marketing, nurturing, engagement, pipeline, email, automation, A/B experiments, real-time, data, analytic, information, accounting, ERP, personal chef, grocery shopper assistant, self-driving cars, artificial intelligent, events, SEO, beta testing, mobile, privacy, etc. It better do a lot of s$^#& well without you and your team spending time tweaking applications. That’s the new digital game.

  • Knowing you need to run daily or quarterly marketing analysis which helps you see the full picture of your actions today and also the possibilities of tomorrow. For, example you have tonnes of data about your first quarter customers/prospect. Now you simply have to go through it, assess whether there are patterns that can be exploited or eliminated and see if it’s align to the big picture. You just can’t sit still anymore and hope yesterdays moves will work again.

  • Knowing, consumers mostly buy what they want depending on where they are on the hierarchy-of-needs. I’m sure most of you readers would agrees consumers tend to buy what they want; In b2b buyers generally buy what they need because b2b take their allocation of resources much more seriously. .

  • Knowing that everyone want that sense of personalization, individualism, sense of one-on-one relationship, you truly have my best interest in mind, etc. The truth is that some people want different variations of different things at different times. Just like some people like sitting close to others  and some want a little space. Put all on a roller coaster ride, and people adjust comfort zones or tolerance. Todays world simple observation can help your business.

  • Knowing you have to immerse yourself in the daily grind of your users, customers, members, or clients lives will be extremely critical. Empathize.

  • Knowing that, in some cases, B2Bs/B2Cs that are price primary focused businesses are transactional.

  • Knowing that, in some cases, B2Bs/B2Cs that are quality and brand primary focused businesses are prepared to pay and likelly operating in high marginal businesses.And see value other than price.

  • Knowing that, in some cases, B2Bs/B2Cs that are time primary focused businesses are convenience/speed/accuracy/purchase volumes.

  • Knowing that, in some cases, B2Bs/B2Cs that are trust, reliability, dependability primary focused businesses are strategic partner seekers.


Regularly Double Check Your Business Strategy & Tactics

If someone walks up to you an says, “answer the following questions correctly and your dog, Rex, will live?” You hope you will have a pretty good idea the answers to these questions. A great tip, also have every team member know this as well.

Answer the following.

  • What products or services do we sell and does the prospect and clients know this?

  • Who are the main targets, the decision makers, the influences, the end users, the gatekeepers, the skeptics?

  • Based on your countries industrial standard classification, what industry or type of business are you in?

  • How do we play the game, are we personalizing/customizing, leaders, re-sellers, brokers, solution providers, consultants, conveniences, inexpensive, self-service, premium, value, niche, full service, etc. Know thy self.

  • If you were to pick three unique things your company or your services does different from all the copy-cats, what would it be. (it has to be something that resonates with your prospects or clients. For example, we are faith, family, community focused company. But find something special about you, your interests, etc.

  • Do you have valid reasons to justify your price? Or your process? Your positioning? Your image? Your tone. Your target. Your color scheme? Your programming language? etc

  • Do you have a clear idea how you will reach,engage, help your clients or prospects who could use your services?

  • Have you strongly assess the industry or business you will be allocating your time & money into?

  • How would you describe your personality, your companies personality, the personality of your brand? Have you strongly thought through how you will sustain it?

  • Do you have a plan or some kind of reference material to remind you of what your are doing, why you’re doing it, if it meets your standards? A.k.a, quality control.

  • First of all, are you a personal of great positive character? If you answered yes, then you need to ask yourself are you forming relationships with the right influences (don’t set out to use influences). Have you identified the people online and offline that care about the problems you solve?

  • Have you reached out to them with interesting questions, taking interest in they want to achieve, and seek their guidance or seek how you can help them?

  • When was the last time you reached out to someone without honestly expecting something in return short-term or long-term? (Automated marketing only goes so far)

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