Sunday, January 3, 2016

By Understanding The Machines Maybe 2016 Could Be Better For All

 Honestly, It is a waste of life to not be allocating some time to a higher purpose other than selfish desires.

From our observations over the years, we have seen that the world systems haven’t quite got the formula right. The right amount of law, liberties, social, enterprise, resource management, and individual responsibilities. It likely makes most sick and yet we all get up to play a social-globalized capitalistic system that desperately needs bold improvements.

The purpose of this burst of thought is to get founders to work with Founders Under 40™ Group and / or its members, to take on social and economical challenges that hinder social & economical progress without resulting to charities.

We live in a society that doesn’t strongly encourage people to educate themselves on how to marry for the long-term, be great examples for their children, to be a better friend, how to be practice fiscal discipline, how to deal with emotions, how to find a constructive purpose in life, etc.

As an unconventional founders community, Founders Under 40™ Group we do not ultimately exist for your selfish personal agenda like promoting contents or insights or offers that divides or meets the needs of a tiny few.

Founders Under 40™ Group, as a fast growing entity doesn’t give a fuck about you and your business. It’s the value of the contribution you make to the family and the impact we make to lives of many not a few

”This 2016, Founders, Let Us Understand the Machines, Rules and Games that Govern Man...So We All Can Work Together To Make Life Less Difficult For Each Other - Manny, Founder of Founders Under 40™ Group”

The video below is for additional economical education (we do not endorse the brands, youtube user or the representatives in this video. This is only meant as general education material for the founders community and others)

Economic Globalization Documentary on the History of Economic
Official doc. name is: Commanding Heights: The Battle For The World Economy

Our Final Note

So as 2016 begins to boot -up, my fellow founders and Founders Under 40™ Group members, it is critical that we don’t go on trying to simply pursue our dreams on the current systems. We should hopefully take the time to understand how the gears of the world works, from all sides, so maybe we can make improvements to it.

We are at a crucial junction in the world, where most are not fully benefiting from capitalism and the social fabrics of our lives are changing.

Founders Under 40™ Group is not anti-globalization, anti-capitalism, anti-government, anti-trade. We just know that the current system needs immediate improvement that works not for a very few and does consider social & environment impact.

And we also know that people need to dedicate themselves to lifetime improvement as well.

So after reading this and watching the video, please keep this in mind when you want people to adopt something new.

1.Active or passive resistance by incumbents. The reality is change is not something people adopt instantly. If incumbents feel threatened, you might be in for a fight.

2.Economical and technological barriers. This is something that can’t be ignored. Automation, data, efficiency, robotics, high-skills, value, ROI are words to keep in mind. And no sector even government is immune to change in economy and technological innovation.

3.Irrelevant behaviors, cultures, values, knowledge. This part is what holds back progress in most developing nations. When people and organizations fail to let go of irrelevant skills, knowledge, tools or ideas because of fear.  They likely could lose out on future opportunities. Like how some cultures still think women purpose is to be inferior and be at the service of men.

4.Money & financing. There are always people who have the means and there are others who can’t. There are people who misspend it.

5.Rights & Law. Without ways to protect and enforce rights, the system will always fail. And if everyone can participate, have a say and be treated fairly then we should get along.

6.Complexity. We live in a world with complexity that create inefficiency, waste, drag. So finding ways to simplify processes or anything could make life better for many.

7.Clear proposal. The ability to communicate your proposal clearly becomes crucial to people buying into your vision. Is it well thought out? Have you done your homework? Have you tested your concept?

8.Leadership. The right leadership is always needed. And the right people that collaborate with the leaders are still crucial in a digital age.

9.Regulation. In a ever growing global village, regulations might be in the way of progress or a way to keep people and institutions accountable. It could be in place to enrich a few.

10.Partisan politics. Old ways. Old systems might no longer work and possibllycurrent politicians no longer know how to properly govern. Politics sometimes entertains us but at the same time can alter the quality of their citizens lives.

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