Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Founders Under 40™ Group Members Solves World Problem With “REiNVENT”

After seeing that the world still continues to face the same familiar challenges, Founders Under 40™ Group introduces a possible new way to take on social & economical challenges. The new initiative is called “REiNVENT” by FU40 Group. Which is meant to engage the thought leaders, students, general public, founders community and the Founders Under 40™ Group community in an open-unmoderated-healthy-mature engagement to help develop and execute new ideas to solve social & economical challenges.

We know the founders community are clearly very bright and determined group and are always looking for ways to be players, in making the world better, and not be spectators.

The “REiNVENT”by FU40 Group will begin with invites and with credible people who express interest,

We are hoping out of this effort will be leaders willing to share their thoughts on what it takes to move from idea to reality, the role of failed ideas or policies, how to motivate others to join in the solution, how to execute the idea with the right team and partners.

And how to avoid the wrong people in charge of managing and executing

To express interest and join, Please visit:


Some areas that await your ideas and executions::

Rapid urbanization
Energy production and storage.
Financial systems
Changing demographic
Mental health
Political systems
Monetary systems
Affordable health care
Diversity at all levels
Water use & treatment,
Resource recovery
Waste management
Education in the traditional and non-traditional
Space exploration
Efficient manufacturing
Jobs and upward mobility
Natural disaster management
Applied augmented reality
Affordable broadband internet
Online & Offline security
Finding quality friends, quality love, mentors and business partners

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